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Headstand and Shoulderstand

foto de Sweetbriar
Last seen:
5 years 2 days ago
09/05/2009 - 8:08am
Headstand and Shoulderstand
I was wondering if you think these are safe poses if done correctly or do you prefer variations or something more simple like legs up the wall for an inversion?
foto de Esther Gokhale
Last seen:
5 min 59 sec ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
I think hiphinging when you get flexible in the hamstrings provides good inversion therapy. But I like shoulder stands and headstands if done well. For a healthy shoulder stand use several layers of blankets to make the bend at the neck less severe. For headstands use the cupped hands position to cradle the head and use your arm strength to push into the ground and leave little to no weight on your head/neck. I have known too many yogis doing long duration headstands who got into trouble with calcification in their necks. I think it is a relevant observation that nowhere in traditional societies do people carry the equivalent of their own weight on their heads. So I conclude that your entire weight may be too much for your neck to bear...
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