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09/22/2009 - 11:12am
Hi Esther,

I am waiting to hear from you about the Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat before I make any purchase, and in the meantime am trying out the variable Balans kneeling chair, which I already have (I am beginning to think your initial response in the book is right -- it's OK for short periods, but after awhile, I can feel it in my knees).  But in the meantime, I came across this rather intriguing device that may be all I need to use on any chair to facilitate stacksitting, kind of like how your strechsit cushion can be used anywhere to facilitate strechsitting.  It is called the "Nadachair."  Here is a link:

or simply

At first I thought it was just another device, but was intrigued when doctor Andrew H. White, author of the Posture Prescription, hailed this Nadachair as a very good device to promote effortless spine alignment while sitting for long periods.  However, I'd like your thoughts on it before I make any purchase.  Would this be sufficient to use with a normal, everyday office chair, or do you think that the risk of possible swayback with use of the device may be an issue?  Or is does this go against the Gokhale Method in that you should be able to achieve the stacksit without a device (other than perhaps a wedge)?  I know you have said you pride yourself on the fact that the method is very product-light, however, this Nadachair looked like it might help achieve a stacksit for longer periods without effort.  By the same token, however, would the Humanscale Freedom Saddle seat still offer a superior posture position?

Thanks so much!
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09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
Nada chair is good - we used to retail it for meditators, kayakers and other situations when stacksitting m;ight be challenged by tight hamstrings, a low chair height, etc. On a normal chair, you won't need the extra support but it doesn't hurt while you are training your pelvis to settle this way. If you leave it strapped around your sacrum, there shouldn't be any problems with swaying.
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