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Arm movements and back pain

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2 months 1 week ago
05/25/2020 - 6:57am
Arm movements and back pain

I have started practicing glidewalking and I have really seen a big difference even if I haven't done it completely correct yet!  I am very happy and I continue!  I want to ask for another issue. When I move my arms I feel discomfort in my lower back and shoulders and I feel very tired easily - even in simple movements such as combing my hair or just waving my arms (without holding anything or lifting weights). It is -and feels-as my back is doing the movements and not my arms.My arms are big and very loose and flabby.  For so many years I thought it was just my body structure. But glidewalking made me think.  Is it possible  like walking and  using the wrong muscles (legs instead of gluteus medius), respectively happening the same with arm movements?Maybe I use the wrong muscles so that's why my back hurts?  And if that happens, how can I fix it?  Thank you very much in advance!

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08/26/2018 - 4:08am

I suggest you focus on rib anchor and inner corset to help you hold your j-spine shape (and also protect your discs by lengthening your spine) when you lift your arms up instead of allowing your back to sway and compress your discs.

On the left side of page 84 in the book is a nice illustration of the rib anchor. Instead of standing with your ribs sticking out and your lower back compressed and swayed (the illustration on the left) you want to learn to stand and move with your ribs down and in line with your body (the illustration on the right), allowing your lower back to be lengthened and straightened. You want to train the rib anchor muscles to keep your ribs down all the time, even when you lift your arms up.

Appendix 1 starts with step by step instructions for engaging the rib anchor, then move onto the following exercises while keeping your rib anchor muscles engaged.

Also read all of the "Using your inner corset" chapter, as this is all about protecting and lengthening your spine in all of your movements. Note the "Swaying the low back" section under Troubleshooting on page 122, and "Reaching abover your head" on page 123.

Well done for making such positive changes on your own! The Gokhale Method Foundations Course teaches all the techniques in the book, if you are anywhere near a teacher.


Rachel Margaret

Gokhale Method Teacher, Wellington, New Zealand

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