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Correct hip alignment

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7 months 3 weeks ago
05/09/2009 - 2:56pm
Correct hip alignment
My right hip is perfectly described in Fig. 8-7b on page 172.  I have to sit a lot at my work, so can you say how long and/or how frequently I would need to Glidewalk to effect a change? Or perhaps you can suggest specific exercises that would be helpful. Also, is there anything I would need to change about sitting to help my hip? Thanks!
foto de Esther Gokhale
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9 min 21 sec ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
You can improve your sitting hip alignment right away! Simply use a wedge to stacksit and you're there. To default to that position without a wedge will take some work: 1. Stacksitting helps you get used to pelvic anteversion and gives the tissues around the hip joint a chance to adjust to this new architecture. 2. Side stretchlying is also an easy way to get used to pelvic anteversion. Once you place yourself correctly, friction with the bed holds you there. 3. Once you master stacksitting and side stretchlying, it becomes easier to find a good position for your pelvis relative to your leg bones in tallstanding and glidewalking. 4. Using your glutes/buttock muscles to propel you forward in walking (a part of glidewalking) is part of the longterm solution for getting your pelvis to default to an anteverted position. Each time you engage your glutes, they get a little stronger. As they get stronger, they are better able to hold your pelvis in the right position. It is best to think of glidewalking as your new way of walking, not an exercise you do for a certain number of repetitions. Of course, in the beginning you may want to build up to it since some of these muscles may not have worked in a while. Other useful measures are massage, acupuncture, stretching (anything that feels good around your hip ) or yoga if tightness in the muscles around the hip is a problem.
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